Image of R. David Price - self portrait

My interest in art started when I was old enough to hold a pencil. With an early interest in drawing the human form and objects around me eventually led to the discovery of Crayola Crayons and Prang Watercolors. I often would spend my evening watching the three networks on TV broadcast over the airwaves in “Living Color” while creating my own visuals with crayons and pencils sitting on the floor at the coffee table in front of the family television set.

I attended elementary school in Little Rock, Arkansas at the time and discovered, I like to spend class time drawing my own images flooding my imagination rather than do math. Winning several art competitions in school and having my work displayed at the office seemed to encourage these pursuits and became solidified on a school field trip to the Arkansas State Capital where many works of fine art adorned the walls of the marble structure. I found myself most fascinated with a bright red, Color Field painting similar to the works of, Helen Frankenthaler , Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. An early seed planted in my imagination that found itself mixing and blending with my young mind’s pursuit in the vivid colors now available every Saturday morning which was a visual cartoon festival that fed my imagination and fertilized with fantastic TV shows like Batman, Star Trek and Lost in Space. Pop culture was taking hold of my interest.

Soon I discovered spinner racks full of comic books. Archie, the Fantastic Four, Sad Sack and many others started stacking up alongside the works of Dr. Suess and early graphic albums of Tin Tin at the public library. Somewhere during this time I discovered that not all brands of art supplies are the same. Inferior quality crayons and water colors annoyed me greatly. The pencil became my focus and the human form and science fiction vehicles along with viking ships became my subject matter.

The early 1970s arrived and so did my desire to create comic books. In no time at all their was a whole universe of characters I had created in my desire to compete with Marvel and DC comics despite being a pre-teen at the time. I met my life long friend and fellow creative, Kevin Atkinson at this time who was in the middle of his own similar activities and creations. We merged our two humble independent comic companies and soon cranked up the presses. First distributing our work at school; a few months later we were in separate schools and found our market had doubled. So did our production. As the months passed we discovered the emerging fanzine market for comic books and mail order became our biggest outlet. After a couple of years we had upgraded to slick professional printing with the aid of financial backing and our titles soon were distributed to Piggly Wiggly’s grocery chain. At last onto the newsstands that had spurred our interest in comic art and publishing. I continued with Kevin until this day working on projects together and doing our own separate things too.

Along the way my work was supplemented by much self study and work experience. Formal education continued in my life taking as many classes in public schools that I had option to, to take classes in the art related fields like, architecture, industrial drafting, oil painting, drawing, school newspapers. Winning many awards in state competitions in the educational system, I also showed work in art shows, bringing home the colored ribbons for my efforts. Solidifying my direction in a personal vocation in the creative arts.

My educational background built on this career path as a creative in several institutions, in a variety of related fields over a number of years. I have always felt one should continue educating themselves their whole life.

I found my foundations at these institutions:

Oklahoma State University – Commercial Art and Photography

The Nikon School of Photography – Black and White Photography

Texarkana College – Fine Arts and Journalism, Digital Media, Sculpture

Grammercy University- Interior design

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Graphic Design and Digital Media

Savannah College of Art and Design – Sequential Art.

My degree is in Visual Communication.

I have taught students in Arkansas public schools grades 2-12 and in private lessons in Texas and Arkansas. Along the way raising a family and side gigging in unrelated fields for a few years in addition to creating new works of art during these times.

Looking across my career, I’ve been published in books magazines, comics, newspapers and television for decades and have transitioned to the Fine Art world from the Design and Illustration world.
I’ve won numerous awards and am listed in the “Who’s Who of American Comic Book Artist” by Dr. Jerry Bails.
I was the portrait artist for the USAG, Team USA Women’s Gymnastics Teams in the ’90s. Which allowed me to work with Olympic Stars and notable personalities like Bela Karoli and Nadia Komenici, Bart Conner, Dominic Dawes, Amy Chow and many others in the sports world.

In the early 1990s I conceived, co-ordinated and brought to the internet the world’s first, Online Comic Jam. Bringing together some of the finest independent comic book artist in the web’s first digital comic book story. My newspaper comic strip, “American Pie” and many single panel cartoons filled the pages of the newspaper market through the 1990s.

Hired by NBC as the courtroom sketch artist for the famous U.S. Tobacco trials of the late 1990s. I discovered, one has to work fast in a courtroom setting to capture the action unfolding.

While juggling many publishing jobs, as Creative Director, Art Director, Editor and Publisher for a variety of companies I also ventured into the world of Interior Design and in the totally diverse direction, the world of web design and web hosting. My comic book creations are still in print for almost fifty years now and I find myself in collaboration with other creatives working on my creations.

My current series, of fine art paintings were sparked in my imagination in 1993 standing in front of wall sized paintings by Jackson Pollack. As time allowed I pursued this interest among my other ongoing projects and finally brought it to fruition in 2019 with a growing love for abstract expressionism. my earliest pieces evoked action, complexity, motion and vibrancy.
My new series adds elements of serenity, energy flows, rhythm and elemental variety. Evoking passion through color and form.

My works can be seen in Universities, Museums and Galleries around Arkansas. I am represented by the 1894 Gallery in Texarkana, Texas USA.

Thank you for your interest in my work, I invite you to join fellow art collectors in aquiring one of my creations through these venues or directly through my website.